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This page is here for folk to leave comments about their experience of their 'bike repair.

Posts are moderated by me inasmuch as I remove spam and "flowery" adjectives.  I reserve the right to add my own view if I feel it would increase the accuracy of any statements made.

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prices Thanks very much for such a cracking job on my TZ 750, ot's much faster now and your bill was so reasonable.


1150 GS Thanks Jim for the work to my GS. Jim completed a full service, para lever bearing upgrade, valves and cam chain tensioner. His knowledge of bikes is incredible and it was a pleasure to meet him. Thank Jim

John Devlin

R1100GS Got Jim to go over my Gs he balanced the throttle bodies and adjusted the clutch cable also adjusted the paralever bearings and gave the front brakes a clean out ..also He told me what was what with it ..clutch and throttle bodies adjustments made it sooo much nicer to ride in traffic...wouldnt hesitate to recommend him to anybody man .. :)

scott clark

1200 Adventure Clutch Absolute A++ job done on my GS in replacing the clutch. Kept informed throughout with regular updates on progress/costings/problems. Brilliant service that takes some beating (The big boys could take a lesson out of your book on customer relations). Thanks Jim, a pleasure to have met done business with!

Nigel Austin

R1150RT brakes Big thanks to Jim for sorting out the whizzy servo-assisted brakes on my 2004 R1150RT. Work required much detailed knowledge, skill and patience, and cost was very fair. Thanks for explaining every step of the process. Very impressed!

David Rankin

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